Venue Access

Owens Art Gallery

The stairs to the Owens from the entrance nearest the University chapel have a handrail. There is also ramp access at this entrance, however, the ramp is steep. The stairs to the Owens entrance off York Street do not have a handrail. The main floor of the Owens is wheelchair accessible. Our second floor gallery and bathrooms (women’s and men’s) located in the basement are not accessible. Two flights of stairs lead to each of these floors. The Owens welcomes guide dogs and other service animals. There are two reserved accessible parking spaces on the York Street side of the Gallery and one in the circular driveway adjacent to the Gallery.

Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre

The front door has a ramp entrance, with a two inch lip into main entrance. One level inside, single occupancy gender neutral bathroom, not wheelchair accessible. 

The Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts

Level entry. Automatic doors can be opened with a push button. Sculpture studio is on the first level and is wheelchair accessible. There is one single occupancy gender neutral wheelchair accessible bathroom on the first level and two on the second level. There is a wheelchair accessible elevator to the second and third levels.

The Sackville Curling Club

There is one flight of stairs to the second floor with a handrail.  One level inside. Washrooms are women’s and men’s. 

The Royal Canadian Legion* 

Level entry. To use the wheelchair accessible elevator to second floor, please speak to an organizer or volunteer. There is one flight of stairs to second floor with handrails on either side. Washrooms on second floor are women’s, men’s and a single occupancy gender neutral wheelchair accessible bathroom (along opposite wall).

Thunder & Lightning Ltd. 

Main entrance is up two and a half steps from flat patio. Main bar has two single-occupancy gender neutral bathrooms, not wheelchair accessible. 

*Please note that at this time Lorne Street is under reconstruction. Some parts of the sidewalk are disrupted between Struts and the Legion and may not be replaced in time for A Handmade Assembly. If you have questions about Lorne Street or require assistance, please complete the form below.


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